The Santini-Jensen Project

I’m excited to share some exciting plans for 2017. Represented by Blues Pros Talent, I will be teaming up with my old pal, Jeff Jensen, by popular demand to form The Santini-Jensen Project, a powerhouse band that will be offered exclusively to festivals and premier concert venues. If you want to see us together, please share the news and contact your favorite festivals and let them know you want us to be there in 2017. This will be an exciting limited time only project! MORE INFO AND CONTACT HERE ->


The Santini-Jensen Project is more than a reunion; it’s a connection, a collaboration between two of the most powerful and entertaining performers in the modern blues genre.  Featuring the talent and excitement of modern day Memphis based blues stars Brandon Santini and Jeff Jensen along with the support of guitarist Timo Arthur, bassist Bill Ruffino, & drummer David Green; this crowd pleasing package is sure to be a hit. Combining Santini’s traditional and soulful harmonica and vocals with Jensen’s high flying guitar work and vocals,  the project’s sound will be big and full while still maintaining the dynamic styles that both revered artists are known for.  But above all this band will be fun!  The number one goal of this group is to perform concerts that leave the audience recharged, refreshed, inspired, and excited.

brandon-jensen-vividpixJeff Jensen first moved to Memphis, TN in 2011 and started working with Brandon Santini almost immediately.  They toured the States and Canada, performing over 240 shows a year, until 2013.  During that time Santini and Jensen recorded three albums together including Santini’s Blues Music Award  nominated “This Time Another Year” and Jensen’s “Road Worn and Ragged”.  The energy these two put out on stage was so powerful and memorable that it’s still frequently talked about today.

Since parting ways in 2013, both Jensen and Santini have flourished in their own careers. Santini, now with five Blues Music Award nominations, has continued to tour relentlessly and has truly become an icon in world of blues harmonica.  After releasing “Morose Elephant”, Jeff Jensen’s solo career completely opened up.  He’s performed over a dozen countries and 30 states in 2016 alone.  He and his band are continuing their global quest to share energy, emotion and inspiration with blues fans and music fans everywhere. Now, Santini & Jensen are back together by popular demand!